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What It Is.

Creatrix is a community of women creators. We are women who choose to be held accountable for our creativity. Life is busy and messy and we are pulled in all different directions, which means that sometimes our impulses for creative self-expression get thwarted. 

The truth is, we have been Creatrices all along. Sometimes there is a limiting belief that in order to create, one must have a painting hanging in a gallery, or a piece of writing published, or 7758143 m 3a song on the radio—and if we don't, then why bother making anything at all? This is about something different. 

This is about catching the way the light falls on the tulips on your way home from work, snapping a photo, and writing a few lines about it. This is about making a video of the latest chord change you've been learning on your guitar, or sharing a sketch you just did of your cat sitting on the windowsill, or painting the first ripe tomato to appear in your garden. This is about inviting in and making contact with your creativity a priority. About giving it weight and shape and form and letting it take you somewhere maybe unknown. This is not about perfection, this is about making things and sharing them.

It has been my experience that those moments in which I make something, something that did not exist before—a birthI feel my own fullness, I feel my own connection to something bigger, I feel my real self. I feel pleasure. These are wild and quiet moments that mean something to me. Creating a space for women to commit to making contact with those moments and sharing them means something to me. 

Creatrix is a sacred space for women to share, collaborate, witness, challenge, practice, be seen, and just be. The idea is to bring more creativity into your daily life, which may just help bring more creativity into the lives of people around you. It is my belief that women creating will change the world. There is work to be done. 

How It Works. 

When you become a Creatrix, you are making a commitment. That commitment is ultimately to yourself, but also to the Creatrix community. As a member you are agreeing to share 2-6 creations a month. You must share at least 2 creations a month in order to remain a Creatrix. These can be all types of mediums—the written word, a photograph, a drawing, a video, an audio file, etc. Only members can share their work. The site is public, so your posts can be viewed and commented on (you can request what type of feedback you're looking for) by anyone who visits. You can also do a private post (which only members can see). In addition to posting privileges, membership will give you access to a private forum for discussions about creativity, inspiration, resistance, etc. You will have a home page with your bio, picture, etc., for easy access to all of your creations. You will receive weekly creative prompts via email. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with the other Creatrices. Over time, and depending on how the community grows, there will ideally be access to audio/video interviews with teachers/guides on the topic of creativity, as well as the potential of invitation to in-person Creatrix workshops. 

Going Beyond.

8910147 mlCreatrix is a deeply personal experience first. It is about you making contact with you. And then it is about sharing your creations with the community. Creatrix is also about bringing the creative spirit out into the world. Five percent of monthly dues will be donated to an organization—for example a women's prison writing group, or an art class for young girls in Africa—giving women/girls access to contact with their creativity in a way they may not have been able to before. It is my hope that as Creatrix grows we can come together and make this aspect of it bigger and farther reaching. 

This site is truly a work in progress and will shift with the tides, with who shows up, and with the needs and desires of the Creatrices on board. Welcome. 

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