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Dedicated to heroines Helen Prejean, Carmen Cruz, Greta Thunberg, Danella Frazier and Stacey Abrams.

Playing with Collage

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I am lying under cover of blue sky beneath gold and amber tall angels living out The Fall Never before have I watched a leaf spin and tumble  in grace to ground from this perspective From moment ...
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Waiting: The Day After

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Tropical Fish in Peaceful Waters

Yesterday, Honduras formally joined 49 other states parties in the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, triggering entry into force in 90 days. The Treaty is the result of years of effor...
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From Gaia

The following was in response to a writing assignment in my Qi Gong class. The instructions were to play with writing as the voice of a vaster intelligence - call it Nature, Gaia, Life. What would thi...
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Thank you Note #8

Thank you to all the birds in my front yard who keep me entertained and in love.  Each one of you is so special.   And speaking of special, thank you to my son Marshall for&nb...
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Thank you Note #7 ( Mass Mailing)

THANK YOU, YOU BIG OLD TREE ON MAIN STREET,  for witnessing the divine, the sacred, and the frailty of humanity.Gratitude for John Lewis for saying "When you see something that is not right, you ...
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A Collaboration

Bright yellow flowers and Sunlit saguaro Majestic eagles that Nest for tomorrow Hot dessert thermals that Lift outspread wings These are a few of my favorite things . . .  And then I don't feel s...
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Mid-day Light

There is an assembly of crows building a nest and gathering in the trees above. I will ask for their cries and caws to fill the space of deathless longing in me. For the sound and sensation of wind th...
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In the periphery a light  In the dead of night I see the shuttered moon Behind thin clouds A gentle light The moon revealedIt is a perfect square

Someone invited me...

Someone invited me today to piggyback on another person's poetry. It was a lovely poem about spaces to wait during this panepidemic, places to wait for the return to normal.  I started with this ...
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​During this taxing season of taxes,  I realized that there is little room for creativity in preparing for the tax man. Now that I see openings in the hours and days ahead, I feel a tinge of insp...
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Three-Legged Stool

Is it burnout or success? I've been spending a lot of time thinking about this question. Not only in the context of my current writing project that takes on a heavy topic (self-care) in a light way (s...
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Just Southern Enough

Introduction:  How to spot a JSE woman in her natural habitat What exactly is Just Southern Enough? Do you know a JSE woman? Chances are – lucky for you –​  that you do know a Just Sout...
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Donde Esta El Sol?

PS Here It Is

Sorry, I forgot to include the proof in the pudding, the ribbon.   Isn't it beautiful!?   The woman who made it, Sadie, lives near Hereford. Her sewing is known all over&...
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Sending all my warmest holiday hugs to all Creatrixes with this card inspired by our most recent prompt.  My mom was of English heritage so I have chosen to  travel ...
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Where I live

​Where I live, The skies are filled with color,  The mountains are like melted hues of golden sun and of a sky so true.  Like a watercolor painting.  Filling my very being with the...
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Dear Sequoias Thank You Letter #6

DEAR BEAUTIFUL SEQUOIAS,   Thank you for standing strong for all of us for so long. You stand tall and upright when we cannot. You take my breath, then give it ...
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He’s always watching

​capturing a sunset, when an eye appears in the cloud.

A present for my Grandson

​At the age of five, my grandson became deeply concerned about the white rhinos. They have been his “ animal” from the first he heard of them. I decided to give him a painting for his birthday.&n...
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Today I looked into my bowl of favorite found items. It occurred to me that I might not have these items, nor the bowl itself, if a death had not occurred.  ​It was my mo...
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Sun rise on a new day

​As the sun rises on a new day, my spirit fills with anticipation.  So much to do, so much to say , so much to accomplish. If I could just make a difference in one life today, my journey would be...
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As I lay on my  bed yesterday afternoon, my gaze soared upward above my open closet space and landed upon a very sweet, black ceramic cherubim. Her wings are naturally small a...
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You are so young; trying to be a righteous crane, an honest crane, a good, strong,  upright crane.  Your legs are weak and wobbly.  They buckle,....
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Theatre of the Dock

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Weathered friends

​This is a watercolor 8 X 12, in process. Just like life, I’m waiting for inspiration. 

Skin Wrinkles in Time

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Is It Fall Yet? Thank You Card # 5

Dear Professor Jennifer Lackey,  I heard you speak on the radio recently about your years of experience teaching philosophy to prisoners held in a maximum security prison near Chic...
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Please Mr. Postman Thank You Card #4

Dear United States Postal Service,  I believe that it it only right that before I continue sending letters all over the place, that I sincerely thank you for serving us so very well for...
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Balloon glow

​October skies at night. 

Fishing For Good News Thank You Card # 3

Dear Mayor Lamumba, Thank you for shining a light on the children who were left alone after their parents were jailed near your city of Jackson.   I know that your strong condemnat...
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I've been very resistant to showing up for my creativity recently! In an attempt to touch it again, I sometimes find it helpful to write the beginnings of things. Maybe because there's little com...
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You Look Pale. What Did You Eat? Thank You Card #2

Dear Patti Goldman,  I know that I am not alone in sending gratitude to you and the members of your law firm,  Earthjustice, for fighting to end the use of the nerve agen...
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Any Water Down There? Thank You Card #1

Dear Scott,      I have followed your kind efforts to locate the remains of those who have died in the Ajo desert. I also know you and your friends leave&n...
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Painting with Caron

​A friend of mine asked me if I d be interested in joining this painting class , to which I said “Yes” It was fun and great to see the many different pictures of one thing.  My work is the 4 th f...
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A Sweet Spot on The San Juan

I tore into this project one day at the Alzheimer's Cafe. I have painted this very sweet spot a couple of times and wanted to try it as a collage.


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Angels wings

​I stopped to take this picture, thinking that’s got to be an Angels wing. After taking it, I was surprised to see his face at the top, and what appears to be other Angels below the win...
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I can finally see the finish line

The little things

​Desert roses Growing where  you would least expect.  A warm sun Water  And a little love.  Rose petals blowing in  The wind.  Leaving flowers at my feet. 

Dance of Surrender

In my dream last night, I was trying out for a dance performance (It was the first time, ever) I had help from the other dancers -  they were all very supportive In the audition I fell into ...
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Memory at the Base of the Great Oak

There are cave paintings on the walls of my womb Left in blood and ash by the first humans Here are stories from the beginnings of time – the strange, new creatures feasts and fires the long, wet batt...
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Confession: I'm not perfect

Confession: I have feelings. I have an idealized self- my super ego. It screams, "be the good girl. Don't cause waves. Rise above it. Find the higher truth in every situation. No one is to blame. Ther...
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Patience for the Flowering: Letting our true selves unfold

I always admired my friend who planted bulbs each year. She would tuck them into a nest of colored stones in glass vases of all shapes and sizes, beveled, smooth, sometimes translucent antique green, ...
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Another attempt at song lyrics (first draft)...

Did you know you were my first kill? I hunted you for years I crossed the ocean seven times  to worship at your gate You threw me crumbs from your high tower With bloody knees I knelt  and l...
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Holding on to the light

Despair, no rest, turmoil in life- Causing your spirit to sink. Look to the skies. Our Hope is there. 

Moonlit Whimsey

​Here is my completed project! The moon just needed to be there. 

Moonlit Whimsey

​Having painted a daytime and a nighttime Cherry blossom, I asked several which they liked better. All chose the day. I looked at this painting and it needed something more. 

Inner Monologue

Hey, Tree! Yeah you, Tree, the one just standing there with the bushy leaves. You know, you're too short and too wide. Are you even a tree? Maybe just a bush? Your leaves aren't really green enough. I...
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The eyes have it!

​They really do. As I was looking through this magazine, I saw this and said to myself what a work of art!!


Good Morn   Mary N Its a Happy Happy Day This Handsome Boy Winks

Sunrise over the mountain

​Sun shining over blue mountains, long before I was here. Creation   (Oil on wood base 12 x 24)

Ham Sa

I didn't realize when I took this photo that it actually fulfills the prompt for the week. Something blue, my shirt. Something made before I was born, the grandfather clock and the house. Something sh...
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Response to Creative Prompt w/o March 18

Blue scrubs covering veins that bulge  from years of hours of standing, saving lives stop beside a shiny penny glistening in the sun then move on lucky enough for now

The Eve of the White Buffalo

​Christmas Eve,  I’m traveling through Sandia Pueblo,  Fires glow along the way  Snow falling gently My heartbeats rapidly As up ahead the sheriff stops me.  His partner tries to g...
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I always wanted to be a singer

So, I am no musician at all. I wish I was. I can't read it, I don't sing (at least not if there's anyone else around). I love it, but I don't have an ear for it. My partner is a beautiful musician. He...
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Ill or Fair?

The wind won't be ignored Whistling and bellowing, Shuddering the windows Its persistence makes me uneasy Suggesting to my soul something forbidden Encouraging a silenced voice An impulse that, L...
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I am running late.  Did someone ask for a sweater ???  I will need an extension on this years taxes. Everything is out of sync. I mean, everything is right on schedule.  Am I ...
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I feel stuck. I feel my "No" to making anything, I feel my "No" and "Fuck You" to life. I've drawn two tarot cards to see if they take me anywhere. I got "Consciousness" and "Father of Swords." I don'...
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I Wish I Had Been With My Mother When She Died ~ Perhaps we have nothing to fear

I wish I had been with my mother when she died. I wish I had joined her in those final stages of release, sat nearby when she turned inward to behold her radiance. I wish I had been there when sh...
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This photo is taken from a small plane which recently flew over Normann and Signe's house in Porsgrunn, Norway. I have been studying this photo since I saw it a week ago. I was trying t...
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Vagina on my mind

The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it,  can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.  Galileo Galilei

The Minature Art Gallery

​Having started this gallery several years ago, I have finally completed it! It went through many changes and had many different looks , but I finished and framed the wall mural ( making it a large ga...
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Early morning sunrise

​Thankful for the new day. My heart sings with joy.  The beauty of the beach in Florida. 

Sin Nombre

Beauty Is Not Your Refuge ~ Life lessons on the subway

Sitting across from me on the blue subway bench this morning was an older woman maybe sixty. She was radiant, and yet ordinary, concealed in the mundane, aged by life, and transcendent. She must have ...
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Winter in Park City with Michael

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What Were We Built For? The winding path of meaning and belonging

She could stare forever. She could sleep forever. The emptiness was so big sometimes, like the great plains, tumbleweeds tossed in its dusty expanse of nothing. Exploring this requires the courage of ...
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Cholla says, leaning slightly into the wind,   " Is that snow on the mountains? "  This cold wind feels prickly. I  long for a sizzling summer day." 

In Hibernation

She sleeps on earth's dusty pallet, Rests a hided skull on death's pillow And dreams Of muscled lumbering Through berried forests broken Only by rivers of salmon Of seeing the unseen, A full stomach, ...
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Baking from the Heart

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Sit with the (w)hole

Turn off the lamp so that I may see you, so I may feel myself Our own embers are bright burning visible now to soft eyes And I can feel the heat of my salt stinging tears Do you know my sadness? Yes, ...
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Los Cerillos from Haozous Road

Spend More Time

Raven and Dove

Had I taken a photo, it would have been in high-contrast, black-and-white. Stark Yet surrounded by the soft fog of earth's cold breath. White dove, symbol of peace hope redemption Black raven, symbol ...
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Are those pears?

Has anyone seen Rudy?

Creative Prompt - Spirit Animal

While thinking about what to post for this week's prompt I realized that I have been blessed by several animal spirits in my lifetime, (along with the entourage of muses.) One summer evening after sun...
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Let's Play

After a few false starts trying to imagine my mother and I creating something together as children, this emerged. I suppose we need to learn to play together first, which is a sort of creating. The ca...
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Creative Prompt: Chaos

The idea is vivid in my mind. Brilliant. Perfection. And that's the problem. Eager to start, I gather my supplies and then freeze. What if it doesn't come out like I envision? What if it isn't perfect...
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Moab, Utah

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My body feels like church when you touch me – all golden and holy When you speak to me in your secret language, I remember being outside with the fire, or perhaps together in some deep red cave –...
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My Muse

My muse is a hermaphrodite, descended from Hermes and Aphrodite. My Chinese astrological sign is the rooster--the only unambiguously male animal in the 12 signs and also (coincidentally?) a symbol of ...
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Moving Art

​The glass used is this mobile was found on walks near home and beaches in Norway. And also from a broken soup bowl made from Italian glass!


"Grief is visceral not reasonable: the howling at the center of grief is raw and real. It is love in its most wild form."- Megan Divine Grief is awful. I mean awful. I hate it. And I feel pressured to...
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Creative Prompt - Muse

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous. ~ Bill Moyers I've always claimed that I'm surrounded by "an entourage of muses offering too much inspiration for one lifetime." One is a...
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Rare Birds

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It was in the dragon's mouth

It was in the dragon's mouth where I found out I was free Swooping down from sky, laying head on earth like thunder He snatched me from behind and I met the dark Sharp edges of teeth and hot breath I ...
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Healing Garden

​He couldn't get to the garden, his healing garden.  So  I painted him one just like it, to help him through the long days, as he lay in his hospital bed.


​Spirit Rip me Hold me Beg me Scold me Tear me open Burn me open Keep me open Carry me open Try me Delight me Breathe me Ignite me Show the way Teach the way Lead the way Light the way Stretch me Prep...
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Haiku exercise

Old earth sighed White breath misting bark Dark leaves wept


The day the great winds came, it was... ...the wind of angry gods. ...a wind so strong, even the raven could not find a steady branch to land on. So he kept moving. Dust, and more dust, in my eyes. .....
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Hemingway in New Orleans

"Is there time left for me to tell about the day that I met Hemingway?" We had just discussed "The Three Day Blow," with more argument and laughter than usual. No one in the book club felt ready to le...
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It Is All There

Stop. Stop trying to make something happen. Enter the room and wait. Allow the thing to be what the thing is -- Sit and be still. Observe with all of your kind attention – Be fierce in focus. Breathe ...
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You have witnessed my descent in a Sears parking lot. You didn't know he'd tried five times to kill me, but still. I was running, screaming, terrified as he chased me down in the pick-up and almost ra...
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Her body gave her ulcers and rashes of many varieties, and pimples to recall the unshakeable embarrassments of adolescence. Her body produced this abundance in protest, she supposed. Skin is an organ,...
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Night Prayer

​Dear Owl, slick with moonlight, watch over me in darkness. Be my witness. Hold me in your steady gaze, hunt me. Screech and howl, Owl, howl – a sound to bring night terrors to their bare and bony kne...
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​Thousands of footstepsHave worn away the metalOn the subway stairs

Woman with Cloth

​This was a 10 minute sketch done in an open figure drawing session. 

At Church

There is something about rose gold light on a late Sunday afternoon hitting a patch of Queen Anne's lace. It may be my undoing. I am walking with the paradox of loss and the feeling of being filled up...
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with wings of birds

​this is a micro-collage. each cell is 1.5 in x 1.5 in.


My neighbor shouted no warningas his unleashed dogs charged us from behindMy two dogs spun me around by their leads, too late, as his dogs pouncedMy neighbor stood, passively, 100 yards awayas on...
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For You and Not You (a spoken poem)

Audio - For You And Not You.m4a
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Regal Pups

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Tigress Queen of Beasts 

Under Water

The light on the goldfish and copper pennies struck her longing more deeply than it had been touched in ages. Theresa was at the Self Realization Fellowship Center in California and she didn't ev...
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Make Something

Make something. Make anything. Create. Bring a single thing into form that wasn't here before. Forge something fresh from the grey ashes of destruction – from the loss, the insanity, from the broken h...
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