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From Gaia

The following was in response to a writing assignment in my Qi Gong class. The instructions were to play with writing as the voice of a vaster intelligence - call it Nature, Gaia, Life. What would this voice say to you? Here's what came through for me...

From Gaia...

I want you to know me as you know your own body, for I am your body. From blood-red lava running down your legs to those precious and sacred stones buried deep inside. My pulse quickens with your pulse. I lick the tears from my face too. I know you want to be made love to all day and night. We like it tender, we like it rough. But always and only with permission. Bite me, taste me, swallow me. You want the tongue to run up and down your spine. Your tears, your sweat, your come are my rivers, my floods, my rains.

Here is what I want to tell you:

Put the heart back in your body.

Gather up my mud into your own womb and give birth.

They have taken my children. I am howling like a hungry wolf for them to come home. I need your help.

Use me. I want to be used. You want to be used. We are the vessel. Use us, but do not waste us.

Sit in the cloisters, but live in the bowels, the bone.

Rest your head on my breast and breathe in the restless world with me. You are destined to live in the ache as woman, just as I am. The ache for presence, for witness to beauty (everything is beautiful). To be penetrated and ravaged by love, one soft petal at a time.

Do not accept mindless penetration, do not stand for absence, for violence, for anything but truth. Find the place where you can proclaim: Fuck me open as love! Because then we can begin.

And when you finally slip into the forever night, know you are sinking back into me. Back into warm and muddy womb to be made in love all over again. 
Thank you Note #8


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Saturday, 10 June 2023

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