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Being a Creatrix asks you to commit to your own creativity and offers an opportunity to bring that impulse out into the world. Five percent of monthly dues will be donated to an organization that supports the creativity of women and/or girls.pottery 400

This month we will be contributing to Dance To Be Free, an organization that uses the healing power of dance to improve the lives of incarcerated women. "Cathartic Choreography" is used to not only train the inmates and teach them a new skill, but also help deal with physical and mental illness, including PTSD and complex trauma. The women learn leadership and responsibility as they practice not only self-expression, but also instructing others in the dance. Dance To Be Free teaches the nuts and bolts of choreography, timing and flow, and also journaling/sharing exercises that nurture instrospection and self-awareness.   

If you would like to donate directly to this month's organization, please click HERE.
If you would like to suggest an organization to donate to, please send us a message by clicking HERE.

History of Donations:

August/September/October 2019: Dance To Be Free

May/June/July 2019: Girl Rising 

March and April 2019: Clean Break

December 2018/January and February 2019: Art with Heart

October and November 2018: Voices from Inside

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